Celebrating Summer with a New Pool House

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Celebrating Summer with a New Pool House

Have you recently installed a beautiful pool at your home? Perhaps, you’re concerned about your loved ones walking into your house wet after splashing around in the pool. Consider hiring an experienced contractor in your part of the country to build a pool house for you. Depending on your personal desires, you might want your contractor to build a bathroom and living space in your new pool house. Installing a small kitchen in a pool house is also a wonderful idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most common residential projects contactors complete during the hot, summer months. Enjoy!


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Things To Do Before The Roofing Company Starts Work On Your House

A roofing company can put a new roof on your home within a day or two as long as the weather cooperates. But you should start planning ahead of time so your house will be ready for all the activity when the construction starts. Here are some of the things you want to do so you'll be ready for construction day.

Have A Place For Your Car

Think about what to do with your car because if you leave it in the garage, you might not be able to get it out until the work is complete. The roofing company needs to place a dumpster near your home to catch debris from the roof. The driveway is the ideal place to put the dumpster so it won't tear up your yard. Plus, the roofing crew will have vehicles to park nearby. So, if you'll need to use your car, be sure to have it parked down the street or in another location so you can get to it without disrupting the roofers.

Remove Fragile Items From Walls

Tearing off an old roof and nailing in a new one creates a lot of vibration in your home. It could be enough to make items wobble and fall from the wall or high shelf. If you have fragile or expensive items, they could possibly be damaged if you don't place them in a safe location until the construction is over. The items outside your house could be damaged too if debris falls on them. For that reason, you should remove anything that is near your home that you don't want to be damaged. For instance place your grill, potted plants, and patio furniture several feet from your house.

Consider How To Handle The Noise

The roofing company will make a lot of noise. You'll hear walking, rolling, scraping, and hammering all day long. You may want to leave your home for the day if possible, but if you want to be home during the construction, prepare yourself to put up with a lot of noise. The loud noise might be too much for your kids. If you have a dog or cat that is afraid of thunder and other loud sounds, the noise from putting on a new roof could be stressful for them. You may want to arrange for your kids and pets to be elsewhere for the day.

Putting on a new roof is messy work and there will be debris scattered around your yard and maybe even inside your attic. The roofing company will clean up the mess as much as possible and they may even use metal detecting equipment to locate nails. However, you'll want to check your yard, pool, and attic carefully once the construction is over to make sure no nails or other debris is left behind where your kids or pets could get ahold of them. Be sure to ask the roofing company in advance about all the things you need to do before they arrive to start work on the roof. Being prepared will make the day go smoother for everyone.