Celebrating Summer with a New Pool House

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Celebrating Summer with a New Pool House

Have you recently installed a beautiful pool at your home? Perhaps, you’re concerned about your loved ones walking into your house wet after splashing around in the pool. Consider hiring an experienced contractor in your part of the country to build a pool house for you. Depending on your personal desires, you might want your contractor to build a bathroom and living space in your new pool house. Installing a small kitchen in a pool house is also a wonderful idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most common residential projects contactors complete during the hot, summer months. Enjoy!


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Efficiency Window Replacement Options

When shopping for replacement windows, you want to make sure you choose the most energy efficient options for your home. In many cases, the same type of window may not be the best choice for every single window in your home. The following guide can help you pick out which window designs to use in each area of your home so that you can enjoy maximum efficiency.

Fixed-pane windows

These windows don't open or close, which means they won't experience any air leaks or drafts. This is perfect for keeping warm air in the house in winter and cool air inside in summer. On the flip side, you won't be able to use this window for ventilation or to let a breeze into the home. For this reason, fixed windows aren't the best choice in all locations. Only use these in areas where you won't be needing cross ventilation. For example, if you normally open the east and west windows to catch the prevailing breeze in your area, then consider placing fixed windows on the colder north side of the house.

Casement windows

Casement windows have a crank that opens them. When closed, the seal is tight and keeps out most drafts. Due to the crank and the seal, it also takes minimal effort to close these windows. Casement windows only work well if there is plenty of clearance on the outside of the home so that no one walks into the window. You also want to make sure they are orientated so that the open window doesn't block the prevailing breeze in your area.

Slider windows

The basic slider window slides up or sideways. This kind is the most prone to drafts, but they are also the most economical and tend to work well in most areas of the home. You can increase the energy efficiency of these windows by making sure there is quality weatherstripping and seals installed.

Double- or triple-pane windows

Fixed and slider windows may come in a double or triple pane variety. These have two or more layers of glass with air or gas trapped between the layers. These layers provide additional insulation to help prevent heat loss inside the home. They are especially helpful in cold regions where the extra insulation is more necessary.

Coated windows

Any type of window can be coated with an efficiency coating. These coatings help reflect the sun so the heat doesn't come into the home, making them a good choice in hot climates. The coatings are most effective on the south and west side of the home, so there is no need to have all the windows coated.

For more help, contact a window replacement company in your area or click here for more info on the topic.