Celebrating Summer with a New Pool House

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Celebrating Summer with a New Pool House

Have you recently installed a beautiful pool at your home? Perhaps, you’re concerned about your loved ones walking into your house wet after splashing around in the pool. Consider hiring an experienced contractor in your part of the country to build a pool house for you. Depending on your personal desires, you might want your contractor to build a bathroom and living space in your new pool house. Installing a small kitchen in a pool house is also a wonderful idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most common residential projects contactors complete during the hot, summer months. Enjoy!


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3 Things You Need To Know About Plumber's Putty When Doing Your Own Plumbing Repairs

If you plan on doing your own plumbing repairs around your home, at some point you are going to need to use plumber's putty. Here are three things you need to know about plumber's putty:

#1 Plumber's Putty Is A Specific Type Of Caulking

Plumber's putty is a type of caulking that is specifically used within the plumbing industry. One of the reasons it is used so often by plumbers is because it is extremely pliable and remains soft for a long amount of time. Its pliability makes it easy to work around pipes and get it in the exact spot you need to be sealed.

Plumber's putty also sticks really well; it can stay in the same place for months, while also remaining pliable enough for you to peel off if you need to fix something else or make a change.

Finally, plumber's putty is watertight. Once you put it in place, it will not allow water to escape from it and it cannot be degraded or worn down by water, making it the perfect type of caulking.

#2 Plumber's Putty Is Used For A Wide Variety Of Plumbing Repairs

Plumber's putty can be used for a wide variety of different plumbing repairs and jobs. It is often used at the base of many sink fixtures in order to keep them in place when installing them. It is also frequently used around drains and basket strainers to keep them in place. It is also used to repair leaks on pipes and has many more uses.

#3 Plumber's Putty Is Easy To Use

Plumber's putty is relatively easy to use. Here is what you need to do when the directions for your plumbing repair call for plumber's putty:

  • Pinch off a chunk of plumber's putty that is approximately about how much you need to use.
  • Kneed the plumber's putty in your hands until it starts to feel warm.
  • Take the plumber's putty and roll it on a flat surface back and forth with your hands to create a "snake" like children do with play dough.
  • Position the "snake" that you created around the area that you are fixing and smush it into place.

If the plumber's putty you have cracks like dried out play dough when you knead and roll it, it is old. You need to throw it out and purchase some new plumber's putty from a plumbing supply store. Make sure you tightly seal the container when you are done using the putty. This will keep it fresh for a long time.

The next time you are doing a plumbing repair around your house, and the repair directions call for plumbing putty, you'll know what it is and how to use it.